Our team

Asiimwe Deborah Kawe

Producing and Artistic Director

Asiimwe Deborah Kawe is an award winning playwright, producer and performer. She is the founding Producing Artistic Director of Tebere Arts Foundation and the Artistic Director of the
Kampala International Theatre Festival. Ms. Kawe worked with the Sundance Theatre Program, leading the East Africa initiative for six years, dividing her time between New York and Kampala. She received a B. A. in Theatre from Makerere University, in Kampala-Uganda and an M.F.A. in Writing for Performance from the California Institute of the Arts.

Kenneth Kimuli 'Pablo


Kenneth Kimuli a.k.a. Pablo is an actor, playwright and Uganda’s undisputed king of comedy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass media, Journalism and Creative writing. Pablo was crowned at the Stand Up Uganda Mnet reality TV show in 2009 as the nation’s leading funny man. He cemented this status by providing a high quality televised comedy show “Pablo Live” complete with a dependable, hardworking crew and a bubbly audience, and this show has aired on one of the leading television stations in Uganda.

Pablo evokes laughter through clean humor and intellectual satire. He knows how to highlight the lighter side of serious issues on the social, economic, and political arena and as a result, his catchphrase “Happiness is killing me” has become a household statement to express joy, excitement, and victory.

Gladys Oyenbot


Gladys Oyenbot, also known as G’dah, is a Ugandan Actor, singer, and producer. She has acted in numerous plays, Television series and Films that include; Queen of Katwe, Kafa-coh, Yatmadit, Mpeke town, Desperate to fight, Ga-ad, and The Body of a Woman is a Battlefield in the Bosnian war, among others. G’dah has worked with the International acclaimed Watoto Children’s Choir (www.watoto.com/choir), traveling extensively (United States of America, England, Australia, South Africa, Norway to mention but a few) with the children on their “Restore Tour: Child Soldier no more” (www.watoto.com/restoretour) as a performer – singing, dancing, acting, and as a Children’s facilitator and caregiver in-charge of vocal training and mentorship, and also offered post-traumatic therapy and counselling to former child soldiers, teaching behavioral change and communication (life skills), and connecting with the adults to find out how the children were doing emotionally. As a producer, G’dah has managed and produced the Internationally award-winning short film Kyenvu, and now she’s working on creating and producing more projects for screen and stage in the future.

Karishma Bhagani

Associate Artistic Director

Karishma Bhagani from Mombasa, Kenya, is pursuing a PhD in theater and performance studies at Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. She graduated from New York University (NYU) with a bachelor of fine arts in theatre and a bachelor’s degree in history. In her capacities as a director, producer and scholar of the performing arts, Karishma is keen on contributing to the development of a sustainable creative economy within East Africa. Karishma currently serves as the associate artistic director for the Tebere Arts Foundation in Uganda and associate producing director for the Nairobi Musical Theatre Initiative in Kenya. She is also a fellow at the Georgetown Lab for Global Performance and Politics. While at NYU, Karishma was the recipient of the Richard Hull Fellowship, the Bevya Rosten Memorial Award, the CTED Development Impact Fellowship and the Presidents’ Service Award. She was also the Tisch Bachelor’s Representative at NYU’s All-University Commencement ceremony.

Faith lunyolo


Faith Lunyolo is an Arts Administrator who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Makerere University. She has worked with Tebere Arts Foundation, working behind the scenes to make sure artists keep creating and telling their stories.

Faith has a strong passion for the arts and entertainment sector and has had the pleasure of learning from such notable local and international figures in the industry.

She has also worked with the Watoto Children’s Choir, CLAY Dance Co as well as Batalo East as a Choreographer and a performer, training and mentoring children in dance and general life skills. She has also had the pleasure of performing at the Annual Batalo East Fests (2016 and 2017).

“What inspires me about this journey is the journey itself as opposed to the final destination, meeting so many wonderful artists, being able to share and learn from experts and understanding that ART is absolutely rewarding and fulfilling”.

Kahuma Walter

Digital Manager

Kahuma Walter is a communications practitioner with 9 years of experience in digital communications, photography and media relations, writing and editing.

Built skills and experience in photo editing, result tracking, designing and implementation of different communications processes, approaches, tools and programs for awareness creation.