About Us

Tebere Arts Foundation Limited is a company limited by guarantee that was registered in September 2018. It has three founders who are all artists; a playwright/producer/performer, an Actor/Comedian and an Entrepreneur/Singer/Actress.

After working for close to ten years writing plays, self-producing, working with organizations that support the development of new work in six Eastern African countries, and curating and producing an international theatre festival in Kampala, Asiimwe Deborah Kawe and two of her colleagues, Kenneth Kimuli and Gladys Oyenbot, found it fitting to join forces and form an organization that would among other things create collaborative new work of theatre with artists in Uganda and those outside of her borders; to support, develop, produce, curate and commission new work of theatre that is innovative, topical, challenging, pushing boundaries, and could be performed in non-conventional spaces.

The organization supports works of theatre that bring professional theatre-makers and young artists and or students of performing arts from different universities across the country to perform together, thus creating opportunities for up and coming artists and students to work with and learn from established theatre-makers from Uganda and elsewhere..

Vision of the Foundation (2018-2028):

Building on the long-term work in the Arts and Culture industries of its founding members, Tebere Arts Foundation was established on the simple belief that in any given society, Art and Culture is part of one’s daily life, and one’s daily life is part of Art and Culture.

The foundation aims (Vision) to create and support spaces and Artists doing new, interesting, groundbreaking and accessible works of art that can be shared with Ugandan audiences and audiences from elsewhere, and also to provide a critical forum in Eastern African region for the Arts and Artists to socio-economically thrive.

Overall Goal:

Create systems and contribute towards supporting artistic platforms and infrastructures in Eastern Africa that are sustainable and focused on professionalism, ingenuity, new, creative and inventive ways of thinking and working, as well as exposure and exchange.


  1. To create and support platforms where new and exciting work of art is created, produced and presented.
  2. To create exchange, exposure and opportunities for collaboration between and among East African artists and cultural leaders with their counterparts elsewhere.
  3. To work directly or with strategic partners from the business, academic institutions, governments, and nonprofit sectors to create opportunities that support new, innovative and creative approaches of doing art that can contribute to the socio-economic growth of Eastern Africa.
  4. To support the design of programs that promote Arts and culture from Eastern Africa to the rest of the world.
  5. To establish a public database of Ugandan artists, arts and cultural organizations for easy access and correspondence, and link this database to already existing databases elsewhere in the region.