Emerging Artists Intensive Lab (2021)

May 27, 2019
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Emerging Artists Intensive Lab (2021)

“Tebere” is a word in Runkanyore language which means “continue telling your story”. Inspired by the lack of adequate access to conservatory performing arts training, Tebere’s larger vision is to support the growth of Uganda’s theatre industry by creating an incubator for emerging artists to develop their own work and artistic practice and to commission new work from mid-career and established theatre makers, in order for all to continue to tell their own stories.

Tebere Arts Foundation Limited is thrilled to be producing a series of activities in 2021/22, and the first activity is an Intensive Lab for Emerging Artists. Ugandan Emerging Artists interested in theatre and performance for live audiences will be given an opportunity to be mentored by established theatre-makers from Uganda and elsewhere.

Through lectures, hands-on work on projects developed throughout the lab and practicum assignments, the focus will be on helping each emerging artist acquire skills in various fields in the arts so that they discover their unique artistic voice. Each class will be designed in such a way that the artists will be asked to critically think and interrogate their involvement in the Arts, their existing passions and the skills they seek to develop while in residency.

Apply now and stand a chance to be part of this amazing program which aims at providing a space or environment where artists can dedicate their time to create and develop their works with continuous support from industry mentors. The lab will run from June 14th to 27th.
Deadline – 15th May