Keeping Our Stories Alive

To create and support platforms where new and exciting work of art is created, produced and presented.
We believe that in any given society

Arts and Culture is part of one’s daily life, and one’s daily life is part of Art and Culture.

Our foundation aims  to create and support spaces and artists doing new, interesting, groundbreaking and accessible works of art that can be shared with audiences in Uganda and around the world. 

Kampala international theatre festival

Join us virtually for our 8th edition of Kampala International Theatre Festival.

This edition of the Kampala International Theatre Festival (KITF) will be a 5 day festival which will take place on 24th to 28th November, 2021. KITF will be a free online and if you would like to support our work and that of the playwrights and actors, please DONATE.

Tropical Fish Show

Tebere Arts Foundation presents Tropical Fish, a solo performance written by Doreen Baingana. Tropical Fish traces Christine, a young “campus girl’s” discovery of the power of her sexuality in an affair with an older white businessman in Kampala.

What starts off as a fun escape from her ordinary life and dull future becomes a painful exploration of her worth as a woman, a black woman.

The play, Tropical Fish is an adaptation of an award winning short story under the same title and by the same author.

Physical tickets are limited, please call us on 0775980037 to book in advance or you can buy your tickets and watch online.

Keep our Stories Alive.

We create systems and contribute towards supporting artistic platforms and infrastructures in Eastern Africa that are sustainable and focused on professionalism, ingenuity, new, creative and inventive ways of thinking and working, as well as exposure and exchange.

"Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to."

We pride ourselves in doing amazing work in the theatre spaces. We have created programs like Emerging Artists Intensive Lab, Playwrights Residency and Kampala International Theatre Festival among others.