community theatre program

Community theatre provides adults a place for lifelong learning but also fulfills a deeply rooted human desire we all share – to feel like we belong and have great purpose.

Participants in Tebere Arts' Community Theatre are all volunteers, donating their time and talents to produce theatre that makes us, the community, feel like we belong, are a part of something bigger, and simply makes us feel joy.

Tebere Arts' Community Theatre currently involves working with a drama group in Kamwokya, a suburb in Kampala. After months of research, we identified this group of brilliant thespians in Kamwokya called the Angels of KTLC (Kamwokya Treasure Life Centre).

Our staff and emerging artists meet, teach and learn from the Angels different aspects of doing theatre. At the end of the 14 working days workshop, both teams create short plays that are presented on the last day of the workshop. This year, that day will be the 28th day of March 2024 at KTLC.

2024 community theatre

Group name: Bumusanyusa

Director: Betty Lunkuse

Script supervisor: Muhanuzi David

Stage manager / Set Designer: Aselle Vicky

Playbill 1: Obutabanguko Mumaka

In March 2024, our Emerging Artists 2023/24 Cohort worked with the Angels of KTLC and produced 3 short plays.

Actors: Nekesa Esther as Mama Nalu, Dembe Zoey as Nalu, Judith as Mulokole, Safinah Nantumbwe - as Mukyala Ssentamu/ Hajjat.

Synopsis: Three tenants are in a dramatic feud over gossip, marriage frustration, religious hypocrisy, poor hygiene, and child abuse. In desperation for solutions, each takes desperate actions, bearing absurd results. Will the turn to religion bring solace to whatever each is seeking?

Playbill 2: Broken Vows

Synopsis: Frustrated by his stepson's never-ending demands and poor behavior, Tamale an abusive husband who can't help it, woos a younger Priscilla. This isn't taken lightly by his wife who tries to fight for her marriage.

Group name: Amazing Drama Group

Director: Suubi Nalwanga

Secretary, costume, and makeup: Agaba Joel Gabriel

Stage manager / Set Designer: Matthew Kissa

Actors: Shakira as Maama Brian & Mercy, Vil as Tamale / Taata Mercy, Shamie as Nabakyala, Béatrice as Gossip Girl, Sharon as Priscilla / Mercy and Mumbere as Bartender / Brian.

Playbill 3: The Opios

Synopsis: Opio, who is on a downward spiral financially, mentally, and socially, is haunted by his past demons masked through infidelity and recklessness, that are steady on the way to sink him

Group name: The Angry Devils

Director: Matovu Ronald

Script supervisor: Atwooki Lorah Aganyira

Stage manager / Set Designer: Oselle Barnabus

Actors: Deoda as Opio, Evas Ninsiima as Nanjuba, Maureen as Senga Resty, Emily as Step Mother (Babirye), Lazia as Mukisa, Halima as Mukyala Opio, Atwooki Laura as Afande Akello and Matovu Ronald, Barnabus Oselle & Lazia as the 3 Constables.