immerse yourself in mesmerizing audio Plays

All audio plays were Produced with the help of sound engineers - Opuru Charles Wrayce and Daudi Kitasimbwa with the mentorship of Erik Altorfer and Lulu Jemimah.

This project was made possible by the Tebere Arts Foundation funded by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia - Johannesburg and the British Council.

Audio Installation

Dear Dad


Victoria’s derelict emptiness and her longing to start a family opens up childhood trauma leaving her with anxiety. She writes a letter to her father in pursuit of closure and healing.

Featuring Vicky Aselle as Victoria and Directed by Matovu Ronald.


Let me Die


Let Me Die delves into Eliza's harrowing struggle with mental and physical health triggered by domestic violence and morphine addiction verses her path to redemption and self-discovery.

Featuring Nalwanga Suubi as Eliza Matthew Kissa as Daddy Eliza, Namukwaya Sharon Kigongo as Mummy Eliza, Betty Lunkuse as a friend, and Aselle Vicky as a relative. This radio play was Directed by Muhanuuzi David.




Ruth Mukisa aka Flower a famous secular musician freshly released from jail for her leaked nude photos on social media a few days before her wedding is on a radio interview trying to clear her name and save her wedding event by verifying and proving herself innocent given the background of her family where her father is a well-known pastor.

Featuring Lunkuse Betty Ssekirevu as Flower (Mukisa Ruth), Matovu Ronald as Reverend Zebidayo (Mwami), Aganyira Laura Atwoki as Teopista, Oselle Barnabas as Raymond, Agaba Joel Gabriel as Darius, Aselle Vicky as Madam Officer, Alina Camila as news anchor, Other Congregation members; Kissa Matthew, Aganyira Lora Brenda Ibarra, Tamale Michael, Muhanuzi David, and Kitaka Alex. This radio play was Directed by Nalwanga Suubi

WRITTEN BY Muhanuzi David & Namukwaya Sharon Kigongo

The other side of the Globe!


Amina is an ambitious single mother of one from an impoverished background. She has just lost her job, as a cleaner at a bank. As she reflects on her life experiences, Amina feels that the grass is greener on the other side of the globe. Her goal is to work in the Middle East, get rich, and change the situation of her household.

Featuring the voices of Sharon Namukwaya Kigongo as Amina and Suubi Nalwanga as Mama Amina. This Radio play was directed by Barnabus Oselle.

WRITTEN BY Betty Ssekirevu Lunkuse, Agaba Joel Gabriel and Aselle Vicky.

The Odd Redemptor


35-year-old man, Bravio, who on his last day on honeymoon jokingly wishes to die. Unfortunately, he kicks the bucket. Bravio now wants death to undo what has happened to him. Will death grant him a second chance at life?

Featuring the voices of Kitaka Alex as Bravio, Dorothy Tumuhirwe as Death, Ubia Hope as Lilian and Joyce Namugambe as Maama Bravio. This radio play was Directed by Brenda Ibarah

WRITTEN BY Chris Tenderi

My Little Brother


"My Little Brother" is an engaging audio play that follows the journey of a young African boy, thin and filled with both excitement and trepidation, as he embarks on a life-changing trip to Moscow for a scholarship opportunity. As the first member of his family to ever set foot on an airplane, he grapples with a mixture of emotions – from exhilaration at the prospect of new experiences to anxiety about the unknown challenges that await him in a foreign land.

Featuring the voices of Michael Tamale as Damascus and Dorothy Tumuhirwe as Maama, Chris Tenderi as Captain, Brenda Ibarah as Officer. This story was narrated by Kitaka Alex and Directed by Ubia Hope.

WRITTEN BY Lubwama Duncan.

Political Affairs


Justice and Maverick are on the run from their father, the president. They have evidence which could him to resign. He will do anything to get it back and keep it a secret.

Featuring the voices of Lubwama Duncan as Maverick, Brenda Ibarah as Justice, Ubia Hope as Annet and Alex Kitaka as Maria Mungu. This radio play was Directed by Dorothy Tumuhirwe

WRITTEN BY Michael Tamale

Make a joyful noise!


The episode takes us to a church where a passionate pastor leads his congregation in worship. However, the sounds from a nearby bar and club threaten to drown out their voices. Despite the distractions, the pastor’s unwavering encouragement keeps the congregation focused on their praise of Jesus. But the unexpected happens when the power suddenly goes out. The church’s generator runs out of fuel, and it’s the club’s generator that springs to life, with the energetic hype man amplifying the revelry even more. It’s a true test of resilience and hope as these two worlds collide in a clash of sound and spirit.

Featuring the voices of Alex Kitaka as Pastor, Dorothy Tumuhirwe, Michael Tamale, and Ubia Hope as the congregation members. This story was narrated by Kitaka Alex and Directed by Duncan Lubwama.

WRITTEN BY Brenda Ibarah.

Songa Mbele


“Songa Mbele” is an exploration of corruption and entitlement from a police woman who thinks that she has a right to rob citizens of their money because they are being paid less and have expenses to take care of. She finds pleasure in putting men in cornered conditions and exercising her authority over them.

Featuring the voices of Dorothy Muhirwe as the female cop, Lubwama Duncan as the male cop & Tamale Michael as Frank. This radio play was Directed by Chris Tenderi.

WRITTEN BY Alex Kitaka & Ubia Hope.

My Nightingale


In this gripping narrative, we explore the intriguing premise: 'Entering university as a virgin is equivalent to being a nerd' Driven by societal pressures and expectations, Nightingale hatches a plan to rendezvous with her boyfriend in a banana plantation, behind her father's house near a pigsty. However, the drama takes an unexpected turn when the pigs add chaos to their meeting.

Featuring the voices of Brenda Ibarah as Nightingale & Duncan Lubwama as Angola. This radio play was Directed by Michael Tamale.

WRITTEN BY Muhirwe Dorothy.